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History of Jacquet

1840 •  Origin of the “American Savoirs”

The drought, and a wine substitute made out of raisins! Times are tough…Oïdium, a microscopic fungus, ravages the European vineyards, causing researchers to create new and improved (resistant, that is) vine varieties.
Vitis vinifera (the European vine variety) is blended with other types of Vitis , namely North American Vitis as well as a Russian variety, and thus…the birth of Jacquet and the Hybrids.

1934 • Disaster for Jacquet and other First Generation Hybrids

36 million Frenchmen, 91 hectoliters of wine to drink. In the struggle against overproduction, must one drink more? Reduce the yield? In the end, the government decides instead to ban several of the Hybrids, particularly those varieties used in the making of the table wine of the French peasantry (Noah, for example).

1955 • A pox upon the Hybrids!

While a great variety of Hybrids proliferate across the French landscape, the wheels come to a grinding halt when European Economic Community (under Franco-Germanic influence) banishes them from the European continent.

Wine from Hybrids is no longer wine!

(To find out more…)

1993 • Birth of the Association Memoire de la Vigne

A few scattered Jacquet vines remaining, chance (which, of course, does not really exist), naïveté and above all passion, enthusiasm and pleasure spontaneously unites several friends around a simple: Preserve this unique vineyard and vine variety of which it was said, “If there were only to remain one Hybrid, it would be Jacquet.”

1999 •  Renewed Hope for the Hybrids ?

A revision in the European law regarding vine breeding specifies that it is now possible to market the byproducts of Vitis vinifera or Vitis vinifera crossed with other species of Vitis or crosses of other Viti

…and once again, without any scientific basis.

2006 • The Future of Jacquet

This variety still cannot be marketed within the European Union. You can, however, acquire several bottles by becoming a member of our association.

Outside of the E.U., were are seeking…

The production of Jacquet will remain limited, but its perfect adaptation to certain soil…

illustration: Gérard Lattier



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